Ofelia Naranjo Sandoval


My brother, Alejandro, is younger than me. He was 19 when he moved out from our home in Mexico City to Ithaca NY to study. My little sister, Ofelia, was then 10. He soon realized that he would leave Ofelia as a little girl and come back, four years later, to find a little lady.

Now is my turn to move to New York and I’m leaving Ofelia at the age of 13.

Even when I no longer lived with my parents back in Mexico City, I did my best to visit their home in the suburbs each weekend. In one of this visits it stroke me: I do not know when it happened but Ofelia is now a 5.15ft tall pre-teen with own opinions and tastes. I was 12 when she was born and she has always been a kid to me.

I can hardly describe what I feel when I think how different she will be three years from now when I go back.

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