Alumna in the Arctic

I have the opportunity to spend three weeks in Svalbard, Norway for an artistic residency on board a barkentine sailboat as a resident in the Arctic Circle Residency. My work explores the spirit of human exploration and the history of Arctic expeditions.You can imagine how being immersed in that same extreme environment will impact the work that I create, expanding upon and evolving my thesis work into something richer, informed by personal experience. Svalbard was a point of embarkation for many arctic expeditions and is steeped with that history; visiting the archipelago that launched so many of these historical explorations is an immense opportunity for my work.

If you appreciate art, travel, Scandinavia, and budding artists – or if you still believe in the intrepid human spirit, consider supporting this project. You can learn more about my plans for the residency at Hatchfund, or check out my blog, Svalbard By Sea, where you can follow my preparations, my experience on the residency, and the work I make when I return.

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