Open Call


Hi ICP community! I will be taking over the blog this week. I wanted to start off by sharing an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in Long Island City this spring.





Short link:

**Deadline to submit is Friday, February 20th**

Nomadique is seeking submissions for our upcoming multimedia art exhibition, inviting artists to reflect on the sensation of belonging. The pop-up show will be held in New York City in mid April and will feature live performances, film screenings, and a gallery display.

Submitted works may reflect on the following questions: To what do we belong and why? How does an anxiety of belonging impact our development and behavior? How does belonging affect our sense of purpose? Does belonging necessitate exclusion by nature?

One cannot choose to belong to a given group or community; belonging inherently necessitates both an invitation from the outside and an assent from within. We can love someone without their consent, but we cannot belong without their agreement. This complex dynamic is part of what makes belonging central to our home and family lives, our national and cultural identities, and our religious and spiritual beliefs.

Entries include but are not limited to: film, photography, illustration, live stories, musical performances, dance, and written word.

Nomadique Collections is an art show series created to cultivate community, a community in which friends and artistic collaborators inspire and motivate each other by sharing their work in an unconventional and immersive gallery environment. The series aims to foster the connections that come from an exchange with an open and intentional audience.

For more information, contact info[at]

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