Lara Tabet ICP Alum

I met Lara when I attended General Studies in 2012 at ICP. Her dramatic personality and amazing work got my attention from the beginning, love at first sight. We became good friends and colleagues and continue having a wonderful tête-à-tête about or work no matter the distance.


Yesterday I ask her a question that is being asked a lot lately.

Lara, why do you take Photos?

I am interested in photography as it relates to both documentation and performance for the camera and the spectrum of realities that lies in between. Often taking the mutating landscape as a starting point, I search for methods to read the city.

I oscillate between the memory a place holds, and the significance it takes on, once being photographed and transgressed. I use self-representation and staging as a method of transgression, of reconciliation with Beirut as a city, as a hometown, as a quotidian.

 You can check her work at ICP current exhibition Take Ten and here and in her Instagram


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