Gems of Wisdom from Larry Sultan


I’m currently a teaching assistant for a continuing education course taught by Jen Davis that focuses on image making in and around the domestic. This week she had the students read Larry Sultan’s essay from his book Pictures from Home. The essay is really inspiring and he shares a lot about the making of this body of work and his process. Unfortunately the book is out of print and hard to get your hands on, and if you can find one, it is prohibitively expensive.

A couple years ago a friend of mine shared Sultan’s website with me. In addition to showing a lot of his work, he generously shares essays, lists and tidbits from teaching. As a whole, the written work reveals a lot about process and I find it fascinating and reassuring to learn about other artist’s practice. I want to share this trove with others because it is always good to be reminded that making work is a process that ebbs and flows, not a direct journey from A to B.

If you are interested in digging around these gems, go to his website and select “By Larry” under the Words section.

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