Stephanie Colgan’s Press Softly On The Brakes (February 26th – March 5th)

That quiet, striking silence when I look at the evidence of my past, the reason for the pictures in my dreams, the photographs of my family before I was alive. If it wasn’t there, what would I know. I wouldn’t know a thing.

As I would grow older, and close my eyes to remember, I’d see glimpses of their faces. I’d see the light and i’d see the houses so clearly but only for a second. I’d see a chair, and a mirror, a woman. And soon, the glimpses and interpreted pictures in my mind would get blurry and eventually fade away. I created these memories, like an archive in my mind. I couldn’t possibly share them with the rest of the world and if I did, it’d be the most beautiful thing I ever knew.


Stephanie Colgan’s MFA Thesis exhibition Press Softly On The Brakes, currently on view at the ICP-BARD Studios in Long Island City, features a series of photographs, video, and light fixtures that capture Colgan’s ability to manipulate light and the photograph as an object and functionality. She works with found photographs and film footage from her family’s archives and has taken this evidence of her past and has re-awakened it in a way that is enlightening, beautiful and haunting

colgan_1               colgan_2

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