Carretera Nacional by Melba Arellano

I met Melba Arellano two years ago in Mexico City. She was doing a talk at a friend’s studio and I stopped by to check it out. I instantly fell in love with her images. She is a Mexican photographer who used to be an economist.
As a child, Melba used to travel trough the National Highway for Acapulco. She would watch the houses beside the road through the window and wondered who inhabited those colorful and yet bewildering places.
She would return 20 years later to meet these people and to produce thesevertical pictures. The project depicts the Mexico we all know under a light we hardly see. With beautiful desaturated but colorful pictures that show stoic figures posing stiff for the camera. She is going to very dangerous places not to portray the traces of violence but to show the living people and their environments.

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