MFA ICP-Bard’12 exhibiting and curating at Camera Club New York

It’s such a nice suprise to hang out in New York and run into graduate students from the ICPBard MFA’13. Last week was the opening of The Three Traumas, a group show curated by Jorge Alberto Perez, presenting works by Anne Berry, Teresa LoJacono, and R. Hardwick Weston.


Teresa LoJacono and Jorge Alberto Pérez, artist and curator, both graduate MFA ICP-Bard in 2012, at CCNY Baxter St.

In Specters of Marx, Jacques Derrida returns to Freud’s concept of the three traumas inflicted on human narcissism that continue to haunt modern subjectivity, the three intellectual revolutions that have de-centered the ego: the cosmological trauma (the Copernican subject no longer stands at the center of the universe; the biological trauma (the Darwinian subject is no longer at the apex of evolution); and the psychological trauma (the Freudian subject possesses an unconscious and is no longer master even of himself). For Derrida, Marxism not only completes the dismantling of anthropocentrism, but combines all three traumas to deal a final blow to human narcissism. 
The specter of the three traumas haunts the work of the three artists presented in the show, each of which reflects one or more of the narcissistic wounds that decenter modern subjectivity.

More exhibition info

Running until March 28th at Baxter St, CCNY, it’s such a beautiful and striking show – very worth seeing!

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