When things come together

Beau Torres upcoming solo exhibition is called When things come together. Here is a video of part of his creative process and an exchange of emails I have had with him since January in which we talk about concept, doubts and details on bringing things together for this exhibition.

New New Photography with Beau Torres
documented performance
1080 x 1920
May 2, 2014


Hey Bia,

That sounds great. Where should we begin? The work I’ve been making lately is mostly a physical manifestation of the performance piece that I did at last year’s Slidefest. We could start with that and maybe get more specific about imagery? I’ve noticed recently that I am typically project based, but there are aspects of how I go about each project that are similar throughout. Just let me know what you need 🙂


All I have from last year’s Slidefest is the Keynote presentation that I used during the performance. I can forward that file along if you’d like, however the piece would be better experienced as the video documentation. I’ve asked several times for the video footage, but I think it’s still caught up in compiling/editing. Marvin showed us a few presentations from the past so maybe if he asked for last year’s specifically we could find where the footage is.

New New Photography with Beau Torres initially came from a Lightroom catalog entitled “art i want(ed) to make (to have made)”. It was imagery from Tumblr that I called New New Photography and later found out fell under the umbrella of vaporwave. As I kept looking through that source material I noticed it was all in a way formulaic. This past May I used my understanding of that formula and hosted a show based on the philosophy and stage presence of both Bob Ross and Rachael Ray. It was my intent to show the audience what New New Photography was and just how easy it was for them to make at home as well.

Hope that helps! What have you been working on lately?


Hey Bia,

Hope classes are going well. How’s the Charlie Hebdo project coming along?

If you’d like I could meet before critique on Wednesdays. I’m usually in the studio by noon. We can definitely do wine before the show as long as I can bring the cheese and crackers.

I’ve been thinking about your elements question a lot this week. Lately I feel my focus has been more on incorporating my own elements into the work. Although the source imagery is still an inspiration, now it’s more important for me to consider my own understanding and interpretation of the predetermined elements I gravitated towards. For instance, I try to counter the existential nihilism I saw in vaporwave with visual representations of how I manage my own nihilistic sensibilities. Life and everything may be lacking inherent meaning, but that doesn’t rule out making meaning for anything.

As for the show, I have the working title When Things Come Together and after going through multiple titles I feel like this is the one. So far I’m thinking of having works in the form of photography, video, sculpture, neon, installation, and possibly a performance. I’ll have more details as they solidify. Talk to you soon.


Hey Bia,

I’m glad you like the title 🙂 Once I had it down things started to fall into place and hopefully the neon and frames will come together too. I just delivered the final images to my printer and now it’s only a matter of getting everything into the space. If you want to talk about any of the work in the show here’s a DropBox with some lo-res previews: ….

Would you be interested in chatting at MoMA? I’ve been wanting to see the painting show again and would love to have a museum buddy if you have the time. How’s the semester? Is it getting crazy yet? Talk to you soon.


Hey Bia,

MoMA on the weekend would be a much needed break from the craziness. Do you have any free time on Saturday?

To be honest, most of the New New Photography framework I was talking about in that performance is being focused on the tabletop installation in the thesis show. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed seeing it. Delivering that piece was one of the best times I’ve had at ICP so far. Earlier tonight I was able to get a copy on my Vimeo and we can definitely post it with the interview.

I was having dinner with a friend recently and my fortune cookie read “Everything serves to further.” My practice and process operate under that logic and we can talk about anything. As far as disclosure goes, all I ask is that we can cut anything that’s boring 😉


Hey Bia,

Sorry I’m just seeing this. Are you going to Steph’s opening tonight? I’m interning at my gallery today and won’t be there until 7:30-8. Monday may work, but I have the thesis writing class at 2 at the studios.

The sign will be a warm white, not as yellow as tungsten but closer to that color. For my show it will be installed on the wall and if it gets approved for the group show it will be installed in a window in the pavilion lobby. I think I will be ok with install, but I will surely let you know 🙂

Here’s the schematic of the sign:

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