Spring Break, Blog Break

After burning ourselves out, Spring Break is finally here! We’re using the break to catch our breaths, reconnect with family, give our work a nice kick in the butt… Today I’m leaving to Guadeloupe for an artist exchange between Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI) and L’Artocarpe in Le Moule. You can learn more below:

ICE Guadeloupe 2015

March 21-March 29, 2015 — DVCAI, in collaboration with L’Artocarpe in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, will co-host and support open informational conversations with artist members of L’Artocarpe in Guadeloupe and Diaspora Vibe artists from Miami, Florida.

This international cultural exchange, conceived by DVCAI founder and director, Rosie Gordon-Wallace, brings together artists, curators, writers and cultural workers to engage in a rigorous program of exchange, exhibition, studio visits and workshop intensives in the Caribbean. The program will be co-curated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Dr. Alix Pierre, professor at Spelman University in Atlanta, Georgia.

A highlight of this year’s exchange is the exhibition at L’Artocarpe entitled Alternate Currents: New Art from the Diaspora, co-curated by Rosie Gordon-wallace and Dr. Alix Pierre. Artists from Guadeloupe and the U.S. were invited to explore and engage multi-media sculpture, video, photography, painting, installation and performance that explore the concept of tropical paradise.

The participating artists from Guadeloupe are Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Francois Piquet, Henri Tauliaut et Annabel G, Florence Poirier- Nkpa, Joëlle Ferly; from Miami, Rosa Naday Garmendia, Francesca LaLanne, Juana Valdes, Crystal Pearl, Nadia Rea Morales, Aisha Tandiwe Bell, Groana Melendez and Jaquenette Arnette; supported by Vincent Scatliffe, Continuous Line and photographer Roy Wallace. These artists, writers, curators and culture-makers represent an incredible range of cultural backgrounds, nationalities, homelands and artistic practices.

Rosie Gordon–Wallace describes the exchange as an opportunity “to have a conversation with ourselves about ourselves.” The ICE program interprets the ‘ourselves’ in the most expansive way, engaging the concept of “diaspora” as a way to understand and dialogue about the deeply creative and innovative ways that we approach art making, culture and community.


L’Artocarpe says, “it is easy to work with plenty; the hard thing is to work with little.” L’Artocarpe is an artist-driven space directed by artist Joëlle Ferly that is the pulse point of the community “artist initiated and artist driven”. They “state production first then exhibition, not the reverse.”

Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator is a virtual creative place-making Incubator whose mission is to promote, nurture, and cultivate the diverse talents of emerging artists from the Caribbean and Latin American Diaspora (www.dvcai.org).

A conversation will be held on Monday, March 23, at L’Artocarpe, where artists meet, network and workshop. We are excited to conduct studio visits and gallery visits with daily preparation to mount a joint exhibition opening Friday March 27, 2015 at 6:00pm.

Saturday, March 28th, it is our desire that artists will meet to review the exhibition, have conversations and present portfolios artist to artists, using this opportunity to shape future collaborations in Miami and artchat sessions. All artists are invited to attend. There is no charge. Donations are encouraged to L’Artocarpe (www.artocarpe.net).

A diaspora is about the dispersion of a people. Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator looks at the places where our paths cross and intersect, how we sound and who is standing at these points of connection. We live in a world where new diaspora are ever emerging, where we are continuously called upon to re-invent art, family, geography, culture and where the hybrid voice is what we come to call center and home.

Our artists’ community conversations and artist talks are designated to fulfill our mission of empowering artists, as well as offering key insights, sharing resources and observations into the day-to-day issues that artists are facing, says founder Rosie Gordon-Wallace.

Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, Inc. has a multi- cultural board of ten volunteer members, Brand strategist, Vincent Scatliffe founder of Continuous Good (www.continuousgood.com), and DVCAI team support from Marryam Zafar (marryam@dvcai.org). The focus of the incubator is to recognize and support artists using the National Performance Network| Visual Artists Network (www.npnvan.org) contracts to achieve fair contracts and equity. We Thank Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, The Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

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