sharing my experience with solo shows and a book publication (part 2)

In late August 2014, I had a chance to collaborate with Jane Kim, a Korean violinist based in New Jersey. A gallerist who saw my work at the Fountain Art Fair in March thought that my photographs would work well with classical music. I made two slideshows to play before and after the first program and a video that was projected while Jane played Debussy’s Clair de Lune.

Since the collaboration was for one night only (August 30), I was looking for a gallery for a solo show. Around that time, I met a Korean gallerist who came to New York for an art fair. A few days later, I ran into her at a Lower East Side gallery and asked if she could recommend me galleries that would be suitable to show my work. She invited me to exhibit at her gallery, Gallery Now because she saw my work in 2011 and then in 2014.

For my solo exhibition at Nabi Museum of the Arts, I displayed my hand-made artist book, “encounters,” which is a 276-inch long accordion book. When the second solo exhibition was scheduled, I was determined to make it about self-publishing books. It was challenging to find a publisher who would do such a laborious job.

Long Island City-based photographer Jungjin Lee advised me to contact Sangyon Joo, the founder of Datz Press which specializes in small edition artist books. I met Ms. Joo in early December and she decided to publish my book in an edition of 100. Since I did most of the design before and there were only few additions, we were able to move forward fairly quickly.

On December 28, I flew to Korea and installed the exhibition next day. The opening reception was on December 30. Despite the holiday season, (In Korea, people celebrate the end of year for almost the whole month of December) I had good number of visitors. I also gave an artist talk which was well attended. My work was featured in February 2015 issue of Photo Plus magazine in Korea.

During the exhibition period (December 30-January 6), I went to the gallery everyday to meet with visitors. In Korea, most photographic works are framed or mounted so people were interested in seeing photo installation with sound. There is something about solo exhibitions that brings viewers much closer to me.

"Nightwalker" installation view Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea

“Nightwalker” installation view at Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea (Dec 30, 2014-Jan 6, 2015)

"Nightwalker" installation view Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea

“Nightwalker” installation view at Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea (Dec 30, 2014-Jan 6, 2015)

"encounters" artist book published by Datz Press in the edition of 100

“encounters” artist book published by Datz Press in edition of 100

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