The creativity process and the process of individuation are both phenomena taking place in solitude. (…) The human mind used to be so constructed that the discovery, or perception, of order or unity in the external world is mirrored, transferred, and experience as if it were a discovery of a new order and balance in the inner world of psyche. This may seem an improbable hypothesis, but aesthetic appreciation, as well as the creation of art work, depend upon it.(…) Outer happenings and inner experience interact with one another, which is why seeing the perfect balance of colours and masses in a painting, or hearing the integration of opposing themes in a piece of music gives the observer or the listener the marvellous experience of a new unity as if it were within his own psyche. Similarly, the process of reducing inner discord and reaching a degree of unification within the psyche has a positive effect upon the subject’s perception of, and relation with, the external world.

Anthony Storr. Solitude. A return to the Self. (Free Press)

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