One of the advantages of living in New York is the accessibility to art that you can reach anytime. Besides the galleries and museums there are fabulous art libraries where you have access to extraordinary archives.

Library_mapMoMA, Frick Collection, The Metropolitan, Brooklyn Museum and New York Public Library are some of the libraries that I am enjoying while doing my research for my essay about the international Thai artist Araya Rasdjamrearsook for my class “From Critique to Rehabilitation Documentary Today” .


MoMA Library. Museum of Modern Art. New York

Membership to these libraries is free, and you also have access to an incredible electronic database. I can’t resist the pleasure of going these places and looking into their old publications. There is something special about reading in a location that contains so much art history.

library cards That’s something that you can certainly experience with the publications and the large collection of books of photography at ICP’s library. This is the largest space dedicated solely to photography that you can find in this 2.6 miles of art. And it is not only a library. This is a special space run by Deirdre, Liz, Matthew, Natalia and Bernard with more than 25.000 references. Don’t worry, they will help you find what you may (or may not know) you need. In additon, they organize photobooks exhibitions, talks, signings and events such as the Annual Benefit Book Sale coming up this weekend April 11-12. Over 2,000 rare, used, and new books are priced $1 and up. All proceeds support the ICP Library.

Bernard and Liz

Bernard and Liz. ICP Library. New York

Next weekend Saturday, April 18th, the International Center of Photography Library is also supporting 10×10’s Shashin Zine Fest. Organized by 10×10 Photobooks in association with Shashin: Photography from Japan, 10×10’s Shashin Zine Fest is an outgrowth of 10×10 Photobooks’ ongoing commitment to projects that bring together diverse photobook communities. 18-26 April 2015 at Resobox Gallery in LIC

For info about the ICP library you can check the catalogue here

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