The first year of grad school is over. I’ve spent the last three weeks in culture shock, trying to figure out how to live at a slower pace.

My goal for the summer was to focus myself, to teach myself things I’ve been aching to learn. The plan is to make myself smarter and find a clear idea of what I want to be when I grow up.

Whenever I’m idle, a big sense of anxiety hits me. I always need to be doing something, to be productive and make the most of my time. Therefore, when I was given the assignment to blog about “the fun I’m having” once a week, every week, I wasn’t enthused. I was up for the challenge… but definitely not excited.

When I think about having fun… I think about being on a roller coaster, about traveling, or going away. Fun means completely letting go.

So my challenge for the next few weeks is, where can I find fun in the everyday? How can I find it in the quiet and unexpected moments? My task is to reflect on my week and take note of the moments I feel free, the deep laughs, and moments of joy.

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