Emile Rubino – Soliloquy, 2015

Emile Rubino - Soliloquy, toner print, 41 x 80 inches, mdf panel, 46 x 85 inches, 2015

Emile Rubino – “Soliloquy”, toner print, 41 x 80 inches, mdf panel, 46 x 85 inches, 2015

Borrowing the title of Henry Fox Talbot’s early compositional study entitled Soliloquy of the Broom (1843), this piece is the result of several material and conceptual iterations. The photograph was originally taken meanwhile creating another studio related work entitled Les Amalgames (2014). I had composed a set up made of various pictures and objects taken from my personal studio space, which I displaced and displayed in a neutral room in order to photograph their staging. As I was setting up, I swept the room and instinctively decided to leave the broom in place. The present photograph was later printed as a simple photocopy and was hung on the wall of my studio. At the occasion of a recent exhibition entitled Real Allegory (2015) which brought together my studio related works, I enlarged this provisional photocopy, and made it into an over life size toner print mounted on a larger mdf panel laying against the wall of the gallery space.

Installation view from the exhibition “Real Allegory” at Spare Room (Vancouver, Canada, 2015), curated by Sung Pil Yoon   http://spare-room.ca/

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