Sam Margevicius, Polish, 2015

As a Christmas present some time ago, I offered my Dad a visual work of art based on a topic of his choice. He responded with the following :

“I’m a visual person. I do well at pattern recognition and quickly grasp things through my eyes. My ears are a second place. It’s not as easy to recognize tunes, but I’m okay at it – my accordion and piano playing are testament to this. So my idea ‘floating around in my head,’ is to see music. Chopin’s solo piano music is one of my favorite of all music – there are many close runners-up, but maybe because Chopin was from Poland, as was my grandmother, and the fact that I really enjoy playing Chopin, he is first on my list. So, I’m including a recording of Chopin’s Polonaise in G-minor and the sheet music. What would a visual of this be? A photo? A drawing? Both?… Whatever! It’ll be a nice christmas present. – Dad”

(music performed by Idil Biret)

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