Blog Takeover, Day 2

I would like to introduce Korean photographer, Sanggil Kim (b. 1974 Seoul). He graduated from Daegu Arts University in 1998 with a BFA, and from Chung-Ang University in 2000 with an MFA in Photography. He have tried to consistently observe about repetitive moments of life and specific part of objects, replacing banal, forgettable images into odd and unfamiliar scenery. He worked the series of ‘Motion Picture’, which is reenacting images of movie or commercial ads, the series of ‘Offline Community’, which is taking photographs members of internet society club that invited to offline, and the series of ‘re-mode-1’ that consists of space which lost its own purpose, like vacant office, empty parking lots. He focused on to find theatrical aesthetic in homogenized contemporary life through portrait, landscape, and documentary.

Kim’s works have shown in group exhibitions throughout the world, including the Gwangju Biennale Project in Korea in 2002; the Photographie Contemporaine Coreene at La Galerie Photo de Montpellier and the Grand Exposition de LiAnnee/Situation Acutelleen Asie – Passage de Retz in France in 2001; Fast Forward Fotografie Forum International in Frankfurt in 2005; Peppermint Candy: Contemporary Art From Korea at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chile in 2007; Translocalmotion in the 7th Shanghai Biennale in 2008; Peppermint Candy: Contemporary Art from Korea at National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009; Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photography in Santa Barbara Museum of Art in 2010.


Sanggil Kim. off-line_10:20+14:25+18:00, 2008. C-print, 222 x 180 cm.
Sanggil Kim. mode_1967+1970, 2008. C-print, 222 x 180 cm.
Sanggil Kim. off-line_14:00+15:10, 2008. C-print, 219 x 180 cm.
Sanggil Kim, Accession Number_Nov /20 /2011 + May /19 /1982 + Dec /31 /2009 2012-2014, C-print,188x238cm

Copyright 2016. Sanggil Kim. All rights reserved.

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