Monday 2.22

Sam Margevicius Blog Takeover

Hi, I’m Sam – I was named after Mark Twain, and if that doesn’t make any sense to you, well that’s okay, that’s why I like to say it. The thing is that it actually does kind of make sense if you are familiar with Mark Twain, because his real name is “Samuel Clemens” and “Mark Twain” is only his “Pen Name,” which is what we call it when an author uses a false name to stand behind their artwork. I’m not actually even named after Mark Twain though, or my parents didn’t know it if they did so, I just decided that I would like to tell people that I’m named after Mark Twain and if they know Mark Twain they might smirk, or think I’m clever or something.


I’m sitting at my kitchen table waiting for my rice to cook, and I just poured some Hershey’s chocolate sauce into my kind roomate’s leftover almond milk. I decided to take a picture of the chocolate pouring before I even started pouring, so I was looking at my phone screen with both eyes and holding the phone with one hand and squeezing the chocolate with the other hand and I shot a bunch of photos as I poured for way too long but I didn’t spill a single drop. Also I placed yellow tulips behind the glass of milk so the chocolate drip flowed straight from the top of the frame to the bottom of the frame in front of these lovely flowers, which hopefully tricks the viewer into thinking that chocolate milk is more fresh and healthy than maybe it really is. But if I don’t drink this milk its gonna go bad because both my roommates are in a band called “Gracie and Rachel” and they just left on tour this morning so I’m home all alone for the next few weeks at least, or until they get bored and want to stop traveling across the country in their van.


Now the rice is done but I’ve already drunk all the chocolate milk. My neighbor Tyler texted me and asked if I’d seen this movie “Ex Machina” playing at a new theatre/restaurant just a few blocks from where we live in Bushwick. He said it’s a great movie and he would go if he wasn’t at work so I’m gonna go see it and it starts in twenty minutes. I wonder what I’ll think about after I watch this movie by myself, I always hear smart people say how much they love to see movies by themselves. Jason Polan is this artist I really like who goes to movies by himself, he does lots of things by himself because he basically just wanders the streets and makes line drawings of people. He’s working on a project called “Every Person In New York” and he does this thing called “Taco Bell drawing club,” which I went to once and I sat with him and some other people and we drew other people and then towards the end this couple was really drunk and started yelling at each other and someone called the cops. He likes Cheeseburgers and movies and pop stars and stuff and makes funny captions for his drawings.


This movie theatre is great! The waiter is walking through the four rows of padded benches and at every little table he has to explain how ordering works because the place is so new. I don’t even have to order food though and the movie ticket only cost 3$!


Some notes from the movie:

-He’s got a rollie backpack that he’s dragging through high grasses and rocks along a river!

-Turing Test

-“Language is something we acquire”

-“I do drawings every day but I never know what they’re of”

-“And if we made a list of books and works of art which we both know, it would form the ideal basis of conversation”

-“I’ve never been outside the room I’m in now”

-“What if Pollock engaged intellect? What if he said ‘I can’t make art without knowing exactly why I’m making each mark’?”

-“Seeing as how I’m not 6, I don’t really have a favorite color”

-Oppenheim quotes Bhagavad Gita after making the A-Bomb, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

– As she walks out with her new white dress, she passes the klimt painting of a woman in a white dress – life imitating art.


Ex Machina”! – a sick twist on “Deus Ex Machina”

defined on Wikipedia:

Latin, from greek, meaning “god from the machine.” The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object. Depending on how it is done, it can be intended to move the story forward when the writer has “painted himself into a corner” and sees no other way out, to surprise the audience, to bring the tale to a happy ending, or as a comic device.


It’s dark back in my empty apartment. The dim yellow light camouflages the yellow tulips above the dirty glass containing the residue of my naïve and enthusiastic performance of “pouring chocolate sauce into almond milk.”


The rice I prepared is dry and cold in the rice cooker behind me. The unopened bag of Tasty Bite brand madras lentils that I had heated in a pot of boiling water still sits in the pot of water, probably coagulated back to it’s gooey state just like the other 6 that my parents brought me when they last visited this fall.


My ankle hurts from when I slipped off my skateboard and smacked the side of my body at the park in the sunshine earlier today. Robin had texted me this morning to go skateboarding, but I didn’t respond because I needed to plan my blog posts for the week, but I went to the park anyway and wasn’t surprised when he showed up. After I fell he said “You’re gonna feel way better when you ride that off and you’r home later,” but I don’t know what he meant by that and I feel worse.


I should go to the grocery store.

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