Blog Takeover – Day 1 -Introduction

Hi everyone! I will be taking over the blog this week.

First,  I would like to introduce myself briefly – My name is Gülsüm, I am from Turkey. I have a double major in Visual Communication Design and Sociology.

I grew up in Istanbul which is called the city of two continents – Europe and Asia. It means everyday you can pass one continent to the other on a ferry. Growing up in a city which has traces of history and infinite legacy of different societies of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire was a formative experience for me. Also, the geographical location of Istanbul had strong effects on my mixed identity which is a long story and another conversation.

During my VCD studies, most of the classes I took were about creating and presenting digital images. We experimented with various digital mediums at the same time to see how different mediums would impact the way we see the image. Eventually, I noticed that the most effective way of presenting the image was combining both digital and physical mediums .

I decided to double major in sociology, in order to make more sense of how visual culture and the study of socio-political aspects of society are correlated and compliment each other in various ways.

After my experiences, I leaned towards photography and finished school with a photography project which based on human-object relationship.

In my first post,  I would like to introduce you Gaye Su Akyol who is one of my favorite Turkish singers. I think her style is a combination of a wide variety of things, so it’s hard to define her music but I like indefinable things!


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