Adam Jeppesen – Day 2

I would like to share work of Adam Jeppesen who is Copenhagen-based photographer and filmmaker. What I like about his work is the blurred line between dream and reality. Jeppesen’s large-format photographs and videos have a mysterious and poetic style which is fascinating and takes me on a journey towards a surreal world.



Adam Jeppesen, XX arcticocean – Flatlands Camp Project, 2012



Adam Jeppesen, XX ophir – Flatlands Camp Project, 2012



“These pictures were recorded on his journey from the Arctic through North and South America to Antarctica. For 487 days Jeppesen travelled in solitude and from this long journey a series of melancholic, evocative landscape pictures has emerged.”



Adam Jeppesen, scatter,  2014



Adam Jeppesen, scatter, 2014


“Adam Jeppesen describes the works in Scatter as an attempt to isolate the atmospheric melancholy in his photographs and present it in itself, independently of any specific content that would usually guide the viewer’s understanding of the individual photograph.”



“Wake was assembled over a period of several months in the secluded backwoods of Finland. Taken while traveling on assignment, the photographs document the constantly shifting geography of the artist over the course of seven years. Rather than minister to any notion of Nordic melancholy, the artist reconstructs history into an intuitive, dream-like sequence that reflects the emotional and aesthetic clarity afforded by solitude.”


FI·Lapinsalo 02·01·06

Adam  Jeppesen, Wake, 2008


HR·Mljet 05·26·05

Adam Jeppesen, Wake, 2008




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