Cihad Caner – Day 4

Today I would like to introduce my friend, Cihad Caner who is a visual artist from Istanbul, Turkey. His works incorporate photography, video and mixed media  installations  His recent works focus on immigration, cultural identity, reality, counterfeits and production of space.


Cihad Caner, Root

Caner creates a visual by forging the borders of photography and video for a personal interpretation of how humanity can view its changing world amid its ever-evolving environment.


Cihad Caner, Root

He invites viewers to share in his past experience by the reproduction of natural and found objects. These objects hold a powerful force of attraction: a moment of uncertainty between what is forged by the artist’s hands and by what exists naturally.


Cihad Caner, Root

Caner combines light and sound in an attempt to alter the viewer’s perception and experience of a given space.

He has exhibited in New York, London, Istanbul and Latvia. Caner graduated from Marmara University in Istanbul in 2014. He is currently perusing a Master on Media Design Department at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

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