Blog Takeover – Melchior de Tinguy – Day 1

Hi everyone, my name is Melchior, I am happy to share a few posts for you this week.

Because today is a rainy day, I would like to share the work of Bas Jan Ader “I’m too sad to tell you“.

Bas Jan Ader was a dutch conceptual artist who lived in the United States for the last twelve years of his life and  was lost at sea in 1975, three weeks after he set off from the United States  in a small sailing boat, attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach the United Kingdom. His deserted vessel was found off the coast of Ireland on 18 April 1976, offering few clues as to his fate.


still from I’m too sad to tell you, Bas Jan Ader © 1971, Mary Sue Ader-Andersen

The work “I’m too sad to tell you” is a video performance of three minutes  and thirty four seconds, where the artist is crying.




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