The Studio Next Door

It becomes important, in time, whom we have surrounded ourselves with. Tyler is my dear friend whom I came to know during our years studying studio art together in college. We lived as roommates for a period in Portland, then again in New York, but now we are merely neighbors. We try to play chess on a regular basis, to check each other’s progress and support artistic expansion. The dialogue we maintain is important for my own artistic growth, and I should speak only for myself.

I recently saw Tacita Dean’s work at Marian Goodman gallery. One of the rooms, called “GAETA, 2015 – fifty photographs, plus one,” consisted of photographs made in Cy Twombly’s studio. These photographs rejected the authority of Cy Twombly’s work, because Dean created her own compositions that revealed a unique perspective, inspired-by but separate-from what Twombly would have chosen to present in his own gallery show. I come from a more reverent, editorial method of documenting the work of others. Lately, In order to find my own voice, I have been purposely avoiding the use of my camera around other creatives.

Tyler C. Reese, the humble and respectful painter, let me into his next-door studio for a brief and superficial examination of the state of his place. These photographs do not represent his work in the way that he would have it, as they are shots of works unfinished or pure environment. These images also do not represent my own work, or the seriousness with which I would make a photographic print. The shapshots that follow lie somewhere in between the two of us, a simple homage to the value of our shared time, may you share it, however briefly, with us.

– Sam


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