such as my great uncle, eaten by a shark – Veronica Puche

Opening Reception:

Thursday, April 28th, 6 pm.

ICP-Bard MFA studios

20-24 Jackson Ave.

Long Island City, Queens


Lindo capullo de Alelí,

si tu supieras mi dolor,

correspondieras a mi amor,

y calmaras mi sufrir.


Porque tú sabes que sin ti,

la vida es nada para mí.

Tu bien lo sabes,

Capullito de Alelí.


Capullito de Alelí by Rafael Hernández Marín


Veronica Puche’s solo thesis show is an installation of 18 photographs and one video. The images serve as evidence of a beautiful mystery that naturally unfolds around Puche. In recent genealogy research, Puche found that she has more ethnicities in her blood than could be counted on two hands. For Puche, this mix of cultures provides a bounty of ammunition for chance encounters with meaning. “In my case, this past is in conversation with personal experiences, family stories, and nationality. Then the result is several juxtaposed realities, in which fantasy, superstition, and memory collide.” The images portray a reverent indulgence in the loaded history of storytelling, where the truth is stranger than fiction. Puche narrowly escapes dogmatic belief despite her interest in such occurrences. When asked about the often unfortunate terminal of belief, superstition, she said “regarding ghosts, I think I have many in my house… but I don’t think they are harming me, actually I think they like me.” Puche’s light touch is certainly worth seeing, believe it or not.



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