International Festival of Photography, SCAN Tarragona

SCANOFF invites emerging authors to participate in the SCAN festival to exhibit their works in audiovisual format which will be shown to the public.

Photographic quality, discourse, sound and audiovisual editing will be evaluated and 10 authors will be selected.

SCANOFF looks for images that have an own and contemporary discourse, documentary or artistic, and show your personal sign on multimedia format. The content and discipline is free. Video is admitted if doesn’t last more than photographic images.

Duration: up to 3 minutes.

Send the audiovisual to: Curator: Pep Escoda

Wetransfer to:
HD 1920×1080

Submission deadline: 30th June 2016

The Mediterranean city of Tarragona will host, this autumn (October 19- January 8), a new edition of SCAN Tarragona, International Festival of Photography created by the Catalan Government and the Municipality of Tarragona, and directed nowadays by Fundació Forvm per la Fotografia. SCAN Tarragona is an open and International festival which hosts a variety of initiatives, coming from both public and private sources, all characterized by the promotion of photography.

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