Introduction to Evening I – Lucas Blalock

We are officially live on Facebook with our event! Please RSVP now! We are continuing to introduce you to the speakers of our Evening Conversations at the ICP Museum. Please check back to learn about our Evening I moderator Kelly Shindler, and Evening II speakers; Abbas Akhavan, Caitlin Cherry, and Daniella Rose King. We hope to see you at the ICP Museum in December!

Evening I: Tuesday December 13th 6:30 – 9:00 PM at the ICP Museum – Nicole Eisenman and Lucas Blalock, moderated by Kelly Shindler

Blalock Meathead, 2016 Archival inkjet print 63.5 x 50.8 cm %2F 25 x 20 in.jpg

Meathead, 2016. Archival inkjet print.

Lucas Blalock’s work engages the ways that falseness or evident mechanics in photographs can bring both the picture and the pictured into sharper focus. He
pursues this through a variety of overlapping strategies (often involving Photoshop) that in some way alienate the “natural” view generally associated with photographic pictures. Blalock’s work employs this expanded notion of the photograph to consider a world that is ever more inhabited by the plasticities of the virtual.

Blalock’s pictures have been included in recent exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the the Walker Art Center, the Hammer Museum, the Albright-Knox Art
Gallery, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has made a number of artist books including Towards a Warm Math (Hassla, 2011), Windows Mirrors Tabletops (Morel, 2013), Inside the White Cub (Peradam, 2014) and Subscription Series Vol. IIV (SPBH, 2014) and Making Memeries (SPBH, 2016). Blalock is also active as a writer and has published interviews and essays in a number of periodicals including Aperture, Foam, Mousse, and Objectiv. Blalock was born in 1978 in Asheville, North Carolina and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

For more information about the Conversation check out the event at!

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