Introduction to Evening II – Abbas Akhavan

Our Facebook event is officially live! Please RSVP now! We are continuing to introduce you to the speakers of our event, Evening Conversations at the ICP for Evening II at the ICP Museum. Today we are posting about our Evening II Artist, Abbas Akhavan.

Evening II: Tuesday, December 14th 6:30 – 9:00 PM at the ICP Museum 
– Abbas Akhavan, Caitlin Cherry, moderated by Daniella Rose King.


Abbas Akhavan’s practice ranges from site-specific ephemeral installations to drawing, video, sculpture, and performance. The direction of his research has been deeply influenced by the specificity of the sites where he works: the architectures that house them, the economies that surround them, and the people that frequent them. The domestic sphere, as a forked space between hospitality and hostility, has been an ongoing area of research in his practice. More recent works have shifted focus, wandering onto spaces and species just outside the home – the garden, the backyard, and other domesticated landscapes.

Akhavan has had solo exhibitions in spaces including The Delfina Foundation, in London UK; Mercer Union, in Toronto; and FLORA, in Bogota. He has participated in group exhibitions at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Beirut Art Centre, Beirut; and Guggenheim Museum in New York. He is the recipient of Kunstpreis Berlin (2012), The Abraaj Group Art Prize (2014), the Sobey Art Award (2015), and the Fellbach Triennial Award (2016).  In the coming year he has solo shows at Villa Stuck in Munich, Fogo Island Arts, and at the David Robert Foundation in London UK.  He is the artist in residence at the Alexander Calder Foundation in France from January utill April of 2017.

For more information about the Conversation check out the event at!

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