Hannah Whitaker at M+B


Hannah Whitaker, an ICP-Bard graduate, currently has her second exhibition at M+B gallery in LA. The show will run from January 28 through March 11, 2017.

Each photograph was shot on a single sheet of 4×5 film, through layered exposures and in-camera masking. Whitaker’s process begins with a sketch, which she uses to hand-cut a set of paper screens to be inserted into the camera during exposure. The sketches used in Live Agent incorporate wavy scribbling, marking a new turn towards the gestural. These forms are then painstakingly and repeatedly redrawn to make the screens, draining them of any purported spontaneity and burying them under a laborious process. Requiring thorough planning, the completed photographic image may involve up to 30 screens (or 30 exposures) and several weeks of shooting. The resulting image is determined less by any one subject than by its own complex construction.

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