a Case of the Mondays


Welcome to our blog.

Welcome to the blog takeover(s) by the students.

This is my blog takeover.

My name is Jacob Garcia. I am one of nine representing the radiant class of 2018 here at the International Center for Photography. Throughout the last month I am sure you have met some of my other classmates. Hell, I am hoping some of you are longtime readers, subscribers or perhaps the alternative — spies.

But, if you are new to this place, let me explain. This platform is a way for us to share. We share ideas, thoughts, photographs, exhibitions, artists, drawings, more pictures AND sometimes — assignments. 🙂

So this is my takeover.

This week you are stuck with me and my world. That is to say, my way of thinking. Even though I have my own particular point of view, you and I are very much alike. We both are not aware of how this will go.

I have romanticized this moment for quite sometime. I thought while writing this I would feel like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City! And to tell you the truth…I do feel that way!…. Alas!

But that moment has now passed. Forgive me, I digress.

I want take this week to investigate interesting ideas that have been emerging in my work over the last six months. This will hopefully serve as a precursor to our SLIDE FEST in May. One thing I want to look at over the next four days is the role of documentary within my work. From there, I will venture into technology and its influence on my process. After, I am hoping to touch on masculinity and the spectacle — new ideas that are starting to surface.

At the end is death. Death has been a lasting motif in my work and I am determined to find out why. So it is fitting that it comes last.

So please — let’s have a toast. Let’s toast to what brought me to this blog. The truth. The truth of the photograph.

For tonight It holds truth. But tomorrow, we will break it down.



Self Portrait, 2006, Polaroid 

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