— Towering


It was summer. The sun was smothering and the air dry. I exited my apartment building with my camera in tow. I wasn’t really sure what I would capture this day, but I was destined to capture something. I decided to walk southbound on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Overwhelmed by the heat, I popped into the bodega just across the street to buy something cold and refreshing to drink. As I proceeded down the block, I approach the intersection at 132nd. To my left, I noticed a vacant lot surrounded by a fence with barbed blades running along the top. I found it peculiar that there was a fence with barbed blades which had nothing to protect. It was in stark contrast to everything that surrounded it. The lot was reminiscent of a prison yard with no prisoners, but maybe it’s to keep the prisoners out. The housing project buildings juxtapose the lot– towering.

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