bridge between music and art

Hello everyone! This is Jeff Yeh (instagram handle @Che.Yeh), first year ICP-Bard MFA student. I’ll be taking over EYE TO EYE blog for a week. Sharing things around me.

These are some records that I’ve been listening to.

Marieu & Mannella ‎– Tecnologia Robotica
Experimental Breakbeat
Harry Revel & Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman & Leslie Baxter* ‎– First Electronic Chillout Music
The Human League ‎– Dare
Haruomi Hosono ‎– Hochono House
Pet Shop Boys ‎– It’s A Sin
Faye Wong – Decadent Sound of Faye
Damon Wild ‎– Cosmic Path
Andrzej Nowak (6) ‎– Cocktail Paint
The Hangout Project ‎– Sword Of Light

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