“Coming out Party,” an Interview with Alex Remnick

Alex Remnick’s thesis show, Coming out Party, opens March 12. Alex uses a variety of media to explore issues of identity, body, and emergence. Just months ago, the artist came out publicly as queer; his recent work explores and abstracts the emotional process of questioning the way we define ourselves. These revelations also offer new… Continue reading “Coming out Party,” an Interview with Alex Remnick

bridge between music and art

Hello everyone! This is Jeff Yeh (instagram handle @Che.Yeh), first year ICP-Bard MFA student. I'll be taking over EYE TO EYE blog for a week. Sharing things around me. These are some records that I've been listening to. Marieu & Mannella ‎– Tecnologia RoboticaExperimental Breakbeat Harry Revel & Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman & Leslie Baxter*… Continue reading bridge between music and art