On view for twenty-four hours at 156 Freeman Street, July 30th-31st 2015. Featuring the work of: Katherine Akey, Bobby Davidson, Magali Duzant, Laura A Gonzalez, Kasia Gumpert, Karolina Gumpert, Alexander Harrington, Xavier Lujan, Emilie Lundstrøm, Nina Méndez-Martí, Marie-Louise Omme, Juana Romero, Jahi L Sabater, Aline Shkurovich, Daniel Terna, Cary Tijerina, Kkory Trolio, and Kim Weston.… Continue reading WE GOT DIVORCED!

What the Camera Sees, and Doesn’t See

Maurice Berger writes for the New York Times Lens Blog on recent ICP-Bard MFA alumnus Kim Weston's work: "...Seen, Unseen, Ms. Weston’s contribution to her class’s thesis group show, focuses on her mother’s family in Cheraw, S.C. The artist, who is part African-American, Native American and Irish, initially found the process of photographing her relatives… Continue reading What the Camera Sees, and Doesn’t See

FOUND IN TRANSLATION, ICP-Bard’s MFA Group Show from the Class of 2014

Words from our Director, Nayland Blake: It used to be said that sculpture was the thing you fell over when you backed up to get a better look at a painting. Now the same could be said for photography. One of the many effects of the digitization of photographic proceses has been to make it… Continue reading FOUND IN TRANSLATION, ICP-Bard’s MFA Group Show from the Class of 2014

My dad & Capa

October 22nd is my dad's birthday. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on October 22nd 1954. Marco Antonio González, but everyone just calls him Marco, to not confuse him with my brother (who is named Marco Antonio as well). October 22nd is also Robert Capa's birthday. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, on October 22nd… Continue reading My dad & Capa


When we started working with Marvin Heiferman about the concepts for this year's SlideFest presentation, I knew two things: a) it was a presentation of everyone's work within a timed frame, i.e it lasts for about an hour and everyone gets approximately 5 minutes; and b) the work was gonna be put together based on… Continue reading DESIST, Elf!

The Rings of Saturn Are Coming Closer and Closer and Closer and Closer

Last week we were asked to write about a piece that we "changed our minds about." That can go in several different ways: I hated it then I love it now, I loved it then I hate it now, I have developed a new conclusion about it, without necessarily loving it or hating it, I… Continue reading The Rings of Saturn Are Coming Closer and Closer and Closer and Closer


Last week Nayland Blake asked us the question "If you could choose any book from the ICP library that everyone hast to know about, which one would it be?" First of all, the ICP library is a vast magical kingdom of all things photo, and is one of the most important resource for photographic research… Continue reading ~~~~COLOUR TREE COLOUR FUN~~~~

Paste Mix Tapes Mix Maps Exit Maxi Step

Two weeks ago, one of my co-years' assignment to me for Graduate Seminar was to think about a specific event that had happened -rather accidentally- during the hanging of our past group show: while putting my pieces on the wall (five prints of various sizes), I used a metallic tape measure that I well, taped,… Continue reading Paste Mix Tapes Mix Maps Exit Maxi Step