A.K. Burns – A Smeary Spot (Opening episode of Negative Space)

September 13 – October 18, 2015 PARTICIPANT INC. http://www.akburns.net/a-smeary-spot/ When I opened the door, A.K. Burns’ exhibition: A Smeary Spot opening episode of Negative space at Participant Inc. initially showed her installation work, into the space, covering around with all black and dark. The work, After the Sky Box was made of concrete with mixed… Continue reading A.K. Burns – A Smeary Spot (Opening episode of Negative Space)

Hyungjo Moon, Importation, 2014

The work was initiated from imagination. Experiences and thoughts always provoked me to imagine. Personal frustration made me focus on certain symbol. Then psychological compensation in reality was gained from ‘possession’ of that symbol. The image, which was documented as a form of photography, could be a symbol that compensated my experience. The process that… Continue reading Hyungjo Moon, Importation, 2014