such as my great uncle, eaten by a shark – Veronica Puche

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 28th, 6 pm. ICP-Bard MFA studios 20-24 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, Queens Lindo capullo de Alelí, 
si tu supieras mi dolor, correspondieras a mi amor, y calmaras mi sufrir.   Porque tú sabes que sin ti, la vida es nada para mí. Tu bien lo sabes, Capullito de Alelí.  … Continue reading such as my great uncle, eaten by a shark – Veronica Puche


Understanding another’s correspondence art is a difficult task, if not impossible. What context must I provide to give insight into the significance of a particular piece of correspondence, a particular sentence in the letter, a particular waver in the pen stroke? As superficial as a photograph of said correspondence may be, it becomes the reasonable access… Continue reading Correspondence