There Is No Cow Level -Hyungjo Moon

Press Release

Hyungjo Moon

There Is No Cow Level

April 27 – 29, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 27th, 6–9pm

Hyungjo Moon’s solo exhibition entitled There Is No Cow Level, is an installation of photographs and video challenging the form and function of banal stock images in order to construct the artist’s own representation of reality. By composing objects against solid color fields in the language of commercial photography, Moon thwarts everyday objects through intentionally presenting bad compositions and unpalatable colors. Other of his photographs takes on quotidian subject matter, usually redeemed through photographic form, but here displaced as unfortunate design elements.

The exhibition juxtaposes various works Moon has made of objects and landscapes.  The authority of their subjecthood comes into question through non-presence. Here actual landscape is redirected into a video game terrain and the object is packaging materials designed to hold an potential thing.

Hyungjo Moon (b. 1989, South Korea) is a current student at ICP-Bard MFA program. He received his BFA from Chung-Ang University in South Korea in photography. His work has been exhibited at Gallery Illum, Seoul, South Korea; TAMK, Tampare, Finland; Ghangzhou Acadamy of Fine Arts, Ghangzhou, China; Osaka University of Arts, Osaka, Japan; Gyeonggi Art Center, Suwon, South Korea; AT CMU ART CENTER, Chiang Mai, Thailand; International Center of Photography, NY



My best image of Gerda Taro is the one of Refugees from Málaga in Almería, Spain. This Image was the first in my 12 image sequence.I started off with Google Image search around civil then move on to civil wars. I was interested  in the idea of a war within one’s own boards with one’s own people. I choose to curate these group of images with the idea of civil war in mind, civilians, land and the different ways people and areas are affected and used during the pursuit for civil liberty. I search for a list of civil wars that happened around the world and picked 5 that were before Tara Image and 5 that happened after. I notice that the USA was up there for the civil war and it got me thinking about civil rights movement and what that meant and how that affect people. Since I was looking at civil right image i got to think of the water protractors in Standing Rock and the fight Native American have seen and been a part of for what use to be their land. In choosing these images I wanted to show a side of war that’s often goes unnoticed and abandon. That why m image i choose to include was one of Grannys for Mumia Abu-Jamal. This image to me show the promise civil liberty against a real problem of jailing in american and the mistreatment of people of color.




GERDA TARO [Refugees from Málaga in Almería, Spain]


In this handout photo from the United Nation Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, Yarmouk refugees in Syria gathered to wait for food aid in January 2014. Photo by UNRWA


A soldier standing at ease and smiling outside a heavily fortified building


Protestors demonstrating in Americus, Georgia, were arrested and held in the Leesburg Stockade without beds or sanitary facilities, 1963. (Danny Lyon/Magnum Photos.)


Unknown, “Untitled (Señorita Ma Gonzales Garcia),” n.d. Photographic postcard. Collection of Mexican Revolution photographs, Collection 026. UCR Library, Special Collections & University Archives, University of California, Riverside.


‘Crowd waiting outside a bank to purchase gold during the last days of the Kuomintang, Shanghai, China, December 1948.’ Cartier-Bresson’s coverage of the Chinese Civil War established his reputation as a photojournalist and was reproduced around the world.©HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON / MAGNUM PHOTOS


Police officers use tear gas against protesters standing in the water during a protest against the building of a pipeline near Cannonball, North Dakota, Nov. 2. STEPHANIE KEITH / Reuters


An armed boy walks as he attends a gathering held by tribesmen loyal to the Houthi movement to show support to a political council formed by the movement and the General People’s Congress party to unilaterally rule Yemen by both groups in Sanaa, August 14, 2016


City Point, Virginia. Negro soldier guarding 12-pdr. Napoleon.l 1857


This dramatic photo of Three Eagles, an associate of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, was copyrighted by Edward Curtis in 1910. Published in “The North American Indian”