Interview with Danny Peralta

Link: After the experience in documentary photography and MFA program. How is photography as a medium for you now? Is it different to treat photographs as materials than others?  Photography no longer my main medium. I still shoot things here and there as I see them. But I don't think I’ll shoot a doc… Continue reading Interview with Danny Peralta

“Coming out Party,” an Interview with Alex Remnick

Alex Remnick’s thesis show, Coming out Party, opens March 12. Alex uses a variety of media to explore issues of identity, body, and emergence. Just months ago, the artist came out publicly as queer; his recent work explores and abstracts the emotional process of questioning the way we define ourselves. These revelations also offer new… Continue reading “Coming out Party,” an Interview with Alex Remnick

“Ewai”, An interview with Ewai Hunt

Steve: Hi ewai, tell me about the process in which you have arrived, if I may use the word “arrive”, to your exhibition “Ewai” ewai: Originally, I was shooting fairly unoriginal deadpan black and white film. That was what I applied to the ICP one-year certificate with. But that course was effective in breaking down… Continue reading “Ewai”, An interview with Ewai Hunt