Klompching Gallery FRESH finalist

J U L Y  8  –>  A U G U S T  1 FRESH 2015 Exhibition Dates: July 8–August 1, 2015 Artist Reception: July 8th, 6:00–8:00pm FRESH 2015 expands across the wall, the page, and the internet— exhibiting photographers; Matthew Arnold, Bill Durgin, Ima Mfon, Johanna Warwick, Kimberly Withal. In addition, Klompching Gallery is showcasing photographs… Continue reading Klompching Gallery FRESH finalist

Theresa Ortolani : Klompching Gallery FRESH 2015 Finalist

I am honored to have been selected among Klompching Gallery's FRESH 2015 Finalists. DECOMPOSED explores the systems and boundaries between binaries – image/text, conscious/unconscious, corporeal/spiritual – and focuses on the points at which these constructs converge, invert and decompose. These primarily lens-based images were crafted via various techniques: masking, piercing, sewing, drawing, digital imaging, and printed in multiple… Continue reading Theresa Ortolani : Klompching Gallery FRESH 2015 Finalist

Rainbows, Plants and Four-Leaf Clovers

https://vimeo.com/124398673 Please join Marie Louise Omme for the opening of her ICP-Bard MFA these exhibition, Knock on Wood Opening reception  Thursday, April 9th, 7-10pm (drinks and food will be provided) On view  April 9 - 12, 2015 | 12-7 PM | Friday through Sunday or by appointment Contact Info  917-783-7872 | marielouiseomme@gmail.com ICP-Bard MFA Studios 24-20 Jackson… Continue reading Rainbows, Plants and Four-Leaf Clovers

“Joo Myung Duck: Motherland” at the Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery in Chelsea

Joo Myung Duck (b. 1940) is regarded as the father of South Korean documentary photography. Joo (his last name) has used photography to depict social issues and the plight of South Koreans for more than fifty years. While his focus shifted from humans to landscapes in the 1980s, his main goal has always been to raise… Continue reading “Joo Myung Duck: Motherland” at the Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery in Chelsea

“Party” by Cristina de Middel

e Cristina de Middel is a Spanish documentary photographer. To show the work she did in China, she decided to create a book that revisits the Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (widely known as the little red book). Similar to Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin‘s Holy Bible, she takes the book as is, with the original… Continue reading “Party” by Cristina de Middel

Somewhere in the bottom of the rain (2011) by Steve Roggenbuck

What is poetry? What do words need to do to be considered poetry? How can we manage our stream of consciousness? What does it mean to have poetry in a video as opposed to a book, even a zine? Last week we visited the New Museum Triennal, "Surround Audience". In the basement and the corridor… Continue reading Somewhere in the bottom of the rain (2011) by Steve Roggenbuck

Graciela Iturbide wins Infinity Award

Speaking of Mexican female photographers, Graciela Iturbide was announced as the recipient of the Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement at the Infinity Awards These are all the other recipients of International Center of Photography's Infinity Awards this year: Art: Larry Fink New Media: Question Bridge: Black Males (Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, Kamal Sinclair… Continue reading Graciela Iturbide wins Infinity Award

Carretera Nacional by Melba Arellano

I met Melba Arellano two years ago in Mexico City. She was doing a talk at a friend's studio and I stopped by to check it out. I instantly fell in love with her images. She is a Mexican photographer who used to be an economist. As a child, Melba used to travel trough the… Continue reading Carretera Nacional by Melba Arellano

Shadows by Alfreo Jaar @ Galerie Lelong

The conversation regarding photographers as exploiters of the pain of others is an old one. Countless times, photojournalists and images that “aestheticize suffering” have been questioned. Alfredo Jaar takes this conversation forward in his show called “Shadows”. The first thing we see when we enter the exhibition is an interview with Koen Wessing in which… Continue reading Shadows by Alfreo Jaar @ Galerie Lelong