“A Massive Force Like That of Miracles,” an Interview with Emily Chiavelli

Yang:Tell us a little about yourself. Emily:My name is Emily Chiavelli. I grew up in Boston, lived in Kentucky for a couple of years, then lived in California for a while, then went back to Kentucky before I came to New York for this program. I have a BFA in photography from Northern Kentucky University.… Continue reading “A Massive Force Like That of Miracles,” an Interview with Emily Chiavelli

bridge between music and art

Hello everyone! This is Jeff Yeh (instagram handle @Che.Yeh), first year ICP-Bard MFA student. I'll be taking over EYE TO EYE blog for a week. Sharing things around me. These are some records that I've been listening to. Marieu & Mannella ‎– Tecnologia RoboticaExperimental Breakbeat Harry Revel & Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman & Leslie Baxter*… Continue reading bridge between music and art

“What We See,” an Interview with Beverly Logan

Opening Reception February 20th, 2020 6pm-9pm At ICP-BARD MFA Studios 24-20 Jackson Avenue Long Island City 3rd Floor Megan Mack: Tell us a little about yourself...  Beverly Logan: I’m originally from Youngstown Ohio. I came to NY at the age of 18 to attend Columbia University. My first career was in publishing and after retiring… Continue reading “What We See,” an Interview with Beverly Logan

Of This Being, an interview with Andrea Martucci

In Of This Being, Brooklyn-based artist Andrea Martucci employs multiple methods of photographic image making, along with video and sculptural explorations.  This exhibition developed out of the artist’s drive to solidify a distorted identity, a result of coming of age while experiencing gender-based violence.  Drawing from memory, Martucci renders imagery of bodily trauma in suspension and as sites… Continue reading Of This Being, an interview with Andrea Martucci

Splitting as a Daily Practice

2019 ICP-Bard MFA candidate Eugene Lee’s dual solo exhibition, Splitting as a Daily Practice/Clyde Street Market, on display now through Sunday at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios in Long Island City. Splitting as a Daily Practice is a multimedia trilogy started in 2017. Beginning with the practice of expanding spatial sensation and exploring the elusiveness of light; intercutting… Continue reading Splitting as a Daily Practice