FOUND IN TRANSLATION, ICP-Bard’s MFA Group Show from the Class of 2014

Words from our Director, Nayland Blake: It used to be said that sculpture was the thing you fell over when you backed up to get a better look at a painting. Now the same could be said for photography. One of the many effects of the digitization of photographic proceses has been to make it… Continue reading FOUND IN TRANSLATION, ICP-Bard’s MFA Group Show from the Class of 2014


The following is a fragment of a conversation with Argentinean Film Director Gastón Solnicki, author of Papirosen, in preparation for my final presentation and research paper for Documentary seminar.Because of a poor internet connection, technical difficulties and time constrains on both ends of the conversation, I still have not been able to achieve the full… Continue reading PSEUDO FAILED INTERVIEW WITH GASTÓN SOLNICKI

Instructions On How To Read A Post

1. Clear your mind from any other thought. Be present. It always helps. 2. Realize that you most likely don’t know me, and probably don’t care about what I have to say, but allow for the possibility that you might be curious. It shall distract you from your endeavors, and give you an excuse to… Continue reading Instructions On How To Read A Post


Every Wednesday afternoon, 27 people gather to discuss artwork in Long Island City. Sounds interesting, and it is. The only problem is that the room has no windows. Could this have been what motivated Cary Tijerina to take us all out to the streets? Did he liberate us from the asphyxiating surroundings of the gallery room… Continue reading HE EMANCIPATED US FROM THE CLASSROOM ASPHYXIA

The Greatest Villain of the Art World

"Who is the art world's greatest villain?" was Nayland Blake's question to the Class of 2014 during last week's Graduate Seminar. From challenging the existence of a villain at all, to psychological malaises and whale killing, click-through to see the responses of Kathy Akey, Laura A González, Kasia Gumpert, Marina Leybishkis, Xavier Luján, Emilie Lundstrøm, Nina Méndez-Martí, Juana Romero, Aline Shkurovich, Kory Trolio,… Continue reading The Greatest Villain of the Art World