ICP-Bard Group MFA Show “The Ties That Bind” at Baxter St, July 1-30

The Ties That Bind

Curated by Charlotte Cotton

Please join us for our group exhibition The Ties That Bind at The Camera Club of New York Baxter St next July 8th.

The Ties That Bind is a collaboration and conversation between the ICP-Bard’s MFA class of 2016. Hailing from eight different countries, we employ photographic methodologies to challenge and investigate our intimate bonds and personal boundaries.

We have shared common interests that surface in the work and explore our subjective truths, family histories, memories and the impact of trauma.

We ask you to examine what is often overlooked or silenced and held in the peripheries of our experience. We invite you to engage with and find connections between us and the world at large.             

Opening Reception: July 8, 2016 | 6 – 8 pm

The opening reception will also include two performances to begin at 7 pm: Moving Images by Minny Lee and lost, lost, lost: you, you, you by Martha Naranjo Sandoval.

On view: July 1st – July 30th

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 pm

More info: The Camera Club of New York Baxter St

126 Baxter St, New York, NY, 10013

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ICP-Bard MFA exhibition week: How to Make the Bed and ALL AT ONCE

Come out and support TODAY Katrina Sorrentino’s solo thesis exhibition How to Make the Bed from 6 – 9 PM at the MFA Studios in Long Island City.

Join us TOMORROW Friday April 1st for the 2016 Class MFA Group Show ALL AT ONCE at ICP Midtown (School)


Pradeep Dalal (ICP-Bard MFA alum + co-chair, photography program, Bard MFA ) in group show “I need my memories. They are my documents.” sepiaEYE

I would love to see the ICP-Bard MFA cohort at the walk through I’m giving of the group show, “I need my memories. They are my documents.”,  this Saturday, Oct 30th at 2 pm.

The exhibition has photo based works, drawing and videos of five non-western artists who work with existing material (repository) in unique ways. Here is a link to Pradeep Dalal‘s interview published by ICP http://www.icp.org/interviews/pradeep-dalal

More information about the exhibition here

The Bawa Letters (1982), 2005

The Bawa Letters (1982), 2005

Klompching Gallery FRESH finalist

J U L Y  8  –>  A U G U S T  1

FRESH 2015
Exhibition Dates: July 8–August 1, 2015
Artist Reception: July 8th, 6:00–8:00pm
FRESH 2015 expands across the wall, the page, and the internet— exhibiting photographers; Matthew Arnold, Bill Durgin, Ima Mfon, Johanna Warwick, Kimberly Withal. In addition, Klompching Gallery is showcasing photographs by FRESH 2015 finalists: Chris Bennett, Frank Diaz & Deb Young, Mark Dorf, Rhea Karam, Bear Kirkpatrick, William LeGoullon, Peter Leighton, Theresa Ortolani (Bard-ICP 2015), Liz Steketee, and David Wolf

www.klompching.com 89 Water Street; BrooklynNY 11201

Marisa Sottos ICP-Bard MFA Solo Thesis Exhibition “Exalting the Voice”

Please join Marisa Sottos for the opening of her ICP-Bard MFA these exhibition, Exalting the Voice

Opening reception  Thursday, May 7th, 6-10pm

Performance at 7pm

Gallery Open May 7-10, 2015 | 11-6 PM | Friday through Sunday or by appointment

At her opening for “Exalting the Voice” Marisa Sottos (Nutley, New Jersey) will perform three arias she has selected: Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini, Don Giovanni by Amadeus Mozart and Carmen by George Bizet.

I chose these three songs specifically because they all have a kind of stereotypical portrait of women in opera. Using opera is a new thing in my work, because I feel the same kind of conflicting emotions that I feel with a lot of the other work, in other things that I am addressing.

Niagara Falls Suspended, 2015. Marisa Sottos

Niagara Falls Suspended, 2015. Marisa Sottos

The show is about my conflicting emotions and indecision regarding what is the right or wrong idea to be presented. A lot of people think you have to take a side with things, but I think there is a nice place that you can be by not picking a side. Then you can imagine yourself on either side and make more educated decisions or opinions.

What moves me about art is the sense of being heard. That’s where the songs and the singing and the vocals tie in. I want to give a nice listening experience. I still get super nervous singing in front of the people, but being able to perform for everybody is such a freeing experience.

Romeo & Juliet in a Laundry Room, 2014. Marisa Sottos

Romeo & Juliet in a Laundry Room, 2014. Marisa Sottos

In “Exalting the Voice” Marisa is presenting videos, photographs and photobooks that create a dialogue with one other. Part of my process when I am in between making things, I go to antique stores or antique centers and just look at things. When I am inspired or attracted to an a object, if it is affordable I buy it and I make something with it or I get inspired to make something. That’s how my video ‘Untitled, Love in Every Room’ came to be. 

Untitled, Paramount Pictures, 2015

Untitled, Paramount Pictures, 2015. Marisa Sottos

I get most of my influences from my family members and my living environment. I reference a lot of music and art as well as experiences that I had when I was younger.

Marisa received her BA in Art concentrating in photography from Monmouth University. She has been doing art her entire life, mostly drawing and painting. In high school she picked up a camera for the first time: I used to go to concerts all the time with my friends and take pictures of us.

In college I started to learn about studio lighting. I was influenced by Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson, in the way they use lighting and staging. I never thought about staging things before. And I fell in love with color film, I think mostly because I interned with Jen Davis before I got accepted into the program at ICP-Bard.

Untitled, Joshua Tree Desert, 2015

Untitled, Joshua Tree Desert, 2015. Marisa Sottos

ICP totally changed my life. Before ICP, I set these boundaries for myself to make sure that everything followed strict guidelines. Here at ICP we are encouraged to just be free, and make whatever you want. It  was really a great time for me to just explore and do whatever I wanted.

Coming here was scary but also very good. My classmates and faculty share things that can help you to imagine things differently or think about your work differently. Art has become a way for me to share thoughts but not a necessarily a message. I want people to think about how things are and gain something from it.


Friday mornings we have Joanna Lehan’s class Contemporary Practice A Survey. We visit different galleries, art fairs and artists’ studios in New York. We develop a writting or research project about it connecting our ideas about art in relation to the work of other artists. And we also have a lot of fun! …

Armory Contemporary

The Armory Show (Art Fair)

Martha, Bia and Katrina at American Contemporary Gallery

Matt, Vero, Groana and Matt (taking a selfie), and Minny at Pushcart Coffee

Matt with Alec Soth at Sean Kelly Gallery

Theresa’s photograph of Nam June Paik’s piece and me at James Cohan Gallery

Theresa and Alison with Assaf Shaham’s work at Yossi Milo

Veronica with Mamma Andersson’s piece at David Zwirner

Theresa is photographing me while I kneel before Nam June Paik at James Cohan Gallery