ICP-Bard MFA exhibition week: How to Make the Bed and ALL AT ONCE

Come out and support TODAY Katrina Sorrentino’s solo thesis exhibition How to Make the Bed from 6 – 9 PM at the MFA Studios in Long Island City. Join us TOMORROW Friday April 1st for the 2016 Class MFA Group Show ALL AT ONCE at ICP Midtown (School)

I am not your mother

Ivana Larrosa - solo exhibition February 18-21, 2016 Reception : Thursday, Feb. 18, 6-9pm Vermouth With The Artist : Friday, Feb. 19, 12-4pm On View : Friday-Saturday, Feb. 19-20, 12-7pm / Sunday, Feb. 21, 12-5pm ICP-Bard MFA studios : 24-20 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101 Much of Ivana Larrosa's work is an exploration and expression of the… Continue reading I am not your mother

Pradeep Dalal (ICP-Bard MFA alum + co-chair, photography program, Bard MFA ) in group show “I need my memories. They are my documents.” sepiaEYE

I would love to see the ICP-Bard MFA cohort at the walk through I'm giving of the group show, "I need my memories. They are my documents.",  this Saturday, Oct 30th at 2 pm. The exhibition has photo based works, drawing and videos of five non-western artists who work with existing material (repository) in unique… Continue reading Pradeep Dalal (ICP-Bard MFA alum + co-chair, photography program, Bard MFA ) in group show “I need my memories. They are my documents.” sepiaEYE

“Vanity” (online exhibition)

This exhibition is inspired by Sebastiao Salgado’s black and white photograph of nude women of the Zo’é village of Towari Ypy, Brazil (2009). The focus is on the seven women on the left who are engaged in body painting using urucum—seeds from a Bixa orellana tree—in a sheltered hut made of tree leaves. Applying urucum… Continue reading “Vanity” (online exhibition)

The New Beauty of Our Modern Life @ Higher Pictures

The New Beauty of Our Modern Life, on view at Higher Pictures through March 1, was curated by the digital painter-of-modern-life Kate Steciw and delivers an annual report for contemporary avant-gardism. For these artists, the Internet—encompassing all of modern culture and its technologies—is the primary support for their medium. Shall we call it Photography? I… Continue reading The New Beauty of Our Modern Life @ Higher Pictures

Edits Self

SlideFest has come and gone. It’s a relief really. I am not much of a performer, and somewhere along the way ICP-Bard’s annual event to showcase first year work turned from a slide presentation to full-on theater. It says a lot about the experimental and creative nature of this program. For me, I needed a… Continue reading Edits Self

(THE SHOW IS ON) The Other Foot

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMAREBJBubA&feature=youtu.be Here's a sneak peak of the show. Stop by this weekend! ICP-Bard MFA Studios, 24–20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City, Queens Kathy Akey Laura A. Gonzalez Kasia Gumpert Marina Leybishkis Xavier Lujan Emilie Lundstrom Nina Mendez-Marti Juana Romero Aline Shkurovich Kkory Trolio Kim Weston and featuring a recreation of Alison Knowles' 1963… Continue reading (THE SHOW IS ON) The Other Foot

Out of the Woods

I don’t know too many dudes who like Francesca Woodman. Myself included. It’s a chick thing. (I know, I know, Naaay-land, check your gender norms). Forget Nan’s “diary”, Woodman’s photographs are the torn out pages of a young woman’s tragic and beautiful life—in all its romanticism and angst. Nan’s “diary” is the one that gets… Continue reading Out of the Woods

Picasso’s Bull’s Head.

I changed my mind about Picasso's Bull's Head as I wondered about its childlike ease. At first It  frustrated me that I did not use to think as much about objects around me as I had ought to do. In the creating process  the creator will  often reach out, -  far away. I would drive to a trash place near my highschool… Continue reading Picasso’s Bull’s Head.