Patricia Silva visits BSGE

Student drawings in the hallway, outside of the art room at BSGE, Long Island City.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting 30 art students at The Baccalaureate School for Global Education in Long Island City. Gretchen McCabe invited me as a Visiting Artist back in January. We had an open conversation with the students about making work, the role of investigation, and the value of a multi-disciplinary thought process. I just hope I made some sense! Interesting that I began my slideshow with a black and white portrait of a friend who did Voguing back in ’94-’95 and ended with some photographs of the Rehearse/Resite performance, which featured—voguing.

Some who stayed for more questions: Gretchen McCabe’s art class at BSGE.

I didn’t know this when I agreed to visit the art department, but apparently, the school is fantastic: ranked #1 best high school in New York State and #21 in the country.  Congratulations Gretchen McCabe and Lucas Sheridan for complementing a rigorous curriculum with the social and academic strengths of an arts education.

Patricia Silva, Untitled (Angola Series), 2013. Slide from Visiting Artist presentation, BSGE, March 8 2013.