Two pictures from my family recordings


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In mexico you have to take a bite of the cake after you blow the candles. Most of time someone will push you into it  as a joke and your face will get end up covered in frosting. I’ve only been shoved into it like twice.

Today it is my birthday!

Come join me this weekend for my show How this has to be told.

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Papi Born Again


Papi was always a devout Catholic. Church every single Sunday.

A few years ago Papi saw a lady in the middle of the street that had just gotten hit by a car… He saw my mother and frantically cried in the middle of the street making every bargain and promise to God to be good, stop his womanizing ways, if He spared Mami.

“It’s not Milagros! It’s not your wife!” his friend yelled. This was his sign.. and shortly thereafter he converted…