Rainbows, Plants and Four-Leaf Clovers

https://vimeo.com/124398673 Please join Marie Louise Omme for the opening of her ICP-Bard MFA these exhibition, Knock on Wood Opening reception  Thursday, April 9th, 7-10pm (drinks and food will be provided) On view  April 9 - 12, 2015 | 12-7 PM | Friday through Sunday or by appointment Contact Info  917-783-7872 | marielouiseomme@gmail.com ICP-Bard MFA Studios 24-20 Jackson… Continue reading Rainbows, Plants and Four-Leaf Clovers

Related and Alienated

The idea of experimenting with the photographic process, from the lens to the print, that ‘The Actual’ group exhibit explores at Eleven Rivington Gallery, has made me think about how contemporary practice reflects a sterile idea of beauty. Marsha Cotrell’s works, for instance, are made of layers of laser toner ink. She uses an additive… Continue reading Related and Alienated

Oh Dear, Anna Atkins, Why – Why – Why?

We have to choose one piece of art that we changed our mind about? Reflecting on this assignment twiddling my thumbs there is actually a lot of work I have changed my mind about over the years. But to choose one of the latest discoveries: after taking my photography class in alternative non- silver processes… Continue reading Oh Dear, Anna Atkins, Why – Why – Why?