“Vanity” (online exhibition)

This exhibition is inspired by Sebastiao Salgado’s black and white photograph of nude women of the Zo’é village of Towari Ypy, Brazil (2009). The focus is on the seven women on the left who are engaged in body painting using urucum—seeds from a Bixa orellana tree—in a sheltered hut made of tree leaves. Applying urucum… Continue reading “Vanity” (online exhibition)

The Essential Tool

So my essential tool is an essential internal force. I have had a lifelong propensity towards disorganization, overlooking details, and sloppiness due to haste. This has manifested itself in all parts of my life, from my chicken-scrawl handwriting and lost points on algebra tests to forgetting to check my aperture before shooting and misplacing papers I intended to read.… Continue reading The Essential Tool

Photographic addiction

By taking photos we produce desire. That was one of the things Victor Sira mentioned on our last book making class. I must say that it struck me, thinking about my photography practice. According to Barthes, photographs contains only the referents, the desired objets, but the physical framed picture is a object off desire by… Continue reading Photographic addiction

7 cell phone images and 7 images not taken

Curtis has asked that I take one and only one image a day with my cell phone “as though each day you only have one frame remaining on a roll of film”.  Many days I felt that I was trying to shoot off that one last frame so that I could get a roll developed… Continue reading 7 cell phone images and 7 images not taken

Things I never do when I take pictures

Take pictures to use in a project based in another medium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSWl_TR-2C8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez9-WltlggM Photograph the interiors of other people's homes Put ads out on Craig's List for subjects Photograph my anti-aging products Appropriate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jye8xjE7q7c Shoot from the hip

do (50) or do not (50) there is no try (5)

do dust color correct take multiple pictures compose set up be still re think re work think it could be better think about light think about color try a different angle think about what to edit think about what I can change change what I can fix what I can wonder if I can fix… Continue reading do (50) or do not (50) there is no try (5)