My father-n-law is a man of pride. His conversations always lead to our Native American traditions. Those conversations or should I say story telling which feel like very long lectures (that depends on my perspective based on what mood I'm in) are refreshing to hear. He speaks of the ways of the Seminole tradition and… Continue reading HIDE: SKIN AS MATERIAL AND METAPHOR


Last week Nayland Blake asked us the question "If you could choose any book from the ICP library that everyone hast to know about, which one would it be?" First of all, the ICP library is a vast magical kingdom of all things photo, and is one of the most important resource for photographic research… Continue reading ~~~~COLOUR TREE COLOUR FUN~~~~

Redheaded Peckerwood

A fifty year old murder-spree across the northern plain states inspired one of the most highly praised photobooks of 2011. It's nearly impossible to keep up with the constant influx of new, different, and beautifully printed publications, but there are sometimes those that seem to rise above the rest. Redheaded Peckerwood is one of those… Continue reading Redheaded Peckerwood

ICP Library blog

Hello! I just wanted to inform everyone that I will be overseeing some content on the ICP Library blog, and I recommend checking it out.  We will be covering topics such as new acquisitions, rare books, artist files, and many other cool things involving the library's extensive photography collection.  I am excited and honored to… Continue reading ICP Library blog