Graciela Iturbide wins Infinity Award

Speaking of Mexican female photographers, Graciela Iturbide was announced as the recipient of the Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement at the Infinity Awards These are all the other recipients of International Center of Photography's Infinity Awards this year: Art: Larry Fink New Media: Question Bridge: Black Males (Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, Kamal Sinclair… Continue reading Graciela Iturbide wins Infinity Award

Relief Starts Here

Interview with Laura A. González Laura's thesis show, We Are Pleased to Announce, references placeholders for displays and announcements, flattens the space with fluorescent lights -akin to the ones in which we find ourselves when at office spaces and subway stations alike- and recreates an empty waiting room, filled with flyers for psychic readings. She combines… Continue reading Relief Starts Here

My dad & Capa

October 22nd is my dad's birthday. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on October 22nd 1954. Marco Antonio González, but everyone just calls him Marco, to not confuse him with my brother (who is named Marco Antonio as well). October 22nd is also Robert Capa's birthday. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, on October 22nd… Continue reading My dad & Capa

(THE SHOW IS ON) The Other Foot Here's a sneak peak of the show. Stop by this weekend! ICP-Bard MFA Studios, 24–20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City, Queens Kathy Akey Laura A. Gonzalez Kasia Gumpert Marina Leybishkis Xavier Lujan Emilie Lundstrom Nina Mendez-Marti Juana Romero Aline Shkurovich Kkory Trolio Kim Weston and featuring a recreation of Alison Knowles' 1963… Continue reading (THE SHOW IS ON) The Other Foot

Reflections upon Slidefest.

  Marvin Heiferman has been a great inspiration for all of us this semester. Slidefest has been a collaboration pushing and moving us as a class. We realized that being busy together we would agree much more on decisions and trust one another as colleagues. I feel we have improved in pure process. Each of us has our own unique… Continue reading Reflections upon Slidefest.

Family Business

In the summer of 1999 two teenage boys started a fire in an apartment building in the town of Holyoke, Massachusetts. The fire spread and destroyed an entire city block, including a 19th century Catholic church. The owner of the building was sued for 15 million dollars he did not have, and was forced to… Continue reading Family Business

The Artist Files

This past weekend I was working on my bibliography and outline for my paper on the “Boston School” for David Deitcher’s class, From Critique to Rehabilitation: Documentary Today.  I collected books around the library and checked all the usual databases and online resources. I was coming up short on literature. Most of what I had found amounted… Continue reading The Artist Files