The Rest is Memory, an interview with Pippa Hetherington

On the eve of her solo show, The Rest is Memory, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Pippa Hetherington (b. 1971) to talk about her work, her influences and the curation of this exhibition. Photo by Michael McFadden Ronnie Yang:  Can you tell us a bit about yourself personally and artistically? Pippa Hetherington:  Prior to coming… Continue reading The Rest is Memory, an interview with Pippa Hetherington

On Songbook: In Conversation with Alec Soth

from the series In Pursuit of an MFA Joanna Lehan, professor: This show came out of the “Dispatches” project, which was included in our last ICP Triennial. We had a whole wall of books that reflected the self-publishing phenomenon, and you were such an important part of that. Is there anything you would like to tell… Continue reading On Songbook: In Conversation with Alec Soth

Interview With Nona Faustine

Tell me about the title of your show.The title Reconstructions comes from the Reconstruction Era a period in our country after the civil war that focused on the transformation of the Southern States. It was a significant chapter in the history of civil rights in the US, so the title lends itself to that term,… Continue reading Interview With Nona Faustine

Bridget de Gersigny : INTERVIEW by Emilie Lundstrøm

Bridget and I met a few days after her show and had a conversation. I had a river of questions for her, and I tried to keep the approach open and free. Bridget is intelligent and means a lot for ICP. She is an inspiration and a commanding presence, and we sense her reflective mind. The questions… Continue reading Bridget de Gersigny : INTERVIEW by Emilie Lundstrøm

Juana Romero Interviews Patricia Silva: Rehearse/Resite

An interview with Patricia Silva about her thesis show, Rehearse/Resite.

Interview with Qiana Mestrich by Kathy Akey

Tell me about the title of your show. I've always been interested in how metaphors are used in daily language. If you break the phrase down, another definition of the word "dead" means "precise," like "dead center". The word "ringer" comes from a 19th-century horse racing term used to describe a horse substituted for another… Continue reading Interview with Qiana Mestrich by Kathy Akey

Interview with Jorge Alberto Perez by Qiana Mestrich

QM:  Previously you told me you were given advice to think of the MFA solo thesis show as just another studio visit.  Have you applied this philosophy in preparing for your show, Visions and Revisions? JP:  Yes, Josh Lutz, my thesis advisor once told me that in order to take some of the pressure off… Continue reading Interview with Jorge Alberto Perez by Qiana Mestrich

Interview with Tara Cronin

CH:  Your recent thesis show Flight: From, To and Within brought together photography, video, drawing, sound and salt to beautiful effect.  What does it mean to you to work in a variety of ways?  Is photography the base of your practice? TC:  Photography is certainly the main rock and foundation by now; i enjoy thinking photographically,… Continue reading Interview with Tara Cronin