Edits Self

SlideFest has come and gone. It’s a relief really. I am not much of a performer, and somewhere along the way ICP-Bard’s annual event to showcase first year work turned from a slide presentation to full-on theater. It says a lot about the experimental and creative nature of this program. For me, I needed a… Continue reading Edits Self

The Shower, with special guests Robert Capa and Herve Guibert

I’m standing in the shower. I have a blog post “due” tomorrow. I was going to relay my visit to Ohio and to share my excitement about the energy I felt in downtown Youngstown, the rust belt gem I once called home. “Murder Capital, USA” of the 90s, was now alive with restaurants and bars—and… Continue reading The Shower, with special guests Robert Capa and Herve Guibert

I-eeee-I will always love Leeeee

I find that I more often change my opinion of artists from love to hate. “New” photography can quickly go from an exciting breath of fresh air to T-R-E-N-D-Y. Smoke and mirrors, collage, dialogue with commercial work, bright colors . . . it’s all contagious. I could run down a list of work I’ve seen… Continue reading I-eeee-I will always love Leeeee

The Artist Files

This past weekend I was working on my bibliography and outline for my paper on the “Boston School” for David Deitcher’s class, From Critique to Rehabilitation: Documentary Today.  I collected books around the library and checked all the usual databases and online resources. I was coming up short on literature. Most of what I had found amounted… Continue reading The Artist Files


My boyfriend has been taking me to a lot of dance performances recently—two in the last two weeks, and the New York City Ballet in January. I especially love Modern Dance. It’s one of my big regrets that I studied at Bennington College -a “birthplace” of Modern Dance- and I never took a movement class.… Continue reading CRIT ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME

The Greatest Villain of the Art World

"Who is the art world's greatest villain?" was Nayland Blake's question to the Class of 2014 during last week's Graduate Seminar. From challenging the existence of a villain at all, to psychological malaises and whale killing, click-through to see the responses of Kathy Akey, Laura A González, Kasia Gumpert, Marina Leybishkis, Xavier Luján, Emilie Lundstrøm, Nina Méndez-Martí, Juana Romero, Aline Shkurovich, Kory Trolio,… Continue reading The Greatest Villain of the Art World